Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fort George


When the big Hydro Project happened in the 70's ,the people of Chisasibi 
were living on an island (the size of Gabriola or Ile au Coudre)on 
La Grande Rivière (the Big River).
Quebec Hydro was afraid that the island would get flooded with the dams
so they moved everybody on the mainland,which is the village were I am working now.
So, today,Frédérique borrowed a canoe and we went to visit the island 
who is somewhat  kind of a ghost village.It was just fabulous.
Old buildings and great beaches all over.
The weather cooperated ,it was about 22 degree and sunny.
We got together also this evening for homemade
 cheese fondu at Pascale,a friend of Frédérique.

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