Sunday, June 14, 2009

LG2 visit

Most beautiful day yet.
A group  of eight of us are going to LG2 
to visit the big Hydroélectric Complex in Radisson
(about 125 km from here) The road is all paved, so
easy drive.This is the site where I worked a few years 
ago (1978)As my first full time job as a nurse.A great
The visit is about 4 hr long.Is was super interesting and well done!
We got to go shopping at the grocery store after where we could buy some wine!!!
OH! yes ,it is a dry community at Chisasibi!!!!
We ended the night with a BBQ at a friend .Nice day again.


FNS said...

What a great picture at the dam site. Sounds like you are having so much fun.
Miss You!

Debra said...

OK maybe that wasn't too clear who I am - Debra (I don't even really know what FNS means but it is part of my google account and I don't know how to change it!)

Debra said...

OK apparently I have figured out how to change it!