Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunny sunday

Sunny sunday this morning.
I baked Sophie's famous "Independent Pancake" with canned peach , my friend Genevieve
came from her night calls just as I was getting them out of the oven.
She came by to check her internet messages on my computer.
We had breakfast together then she went to sleep for the morning.
I went for a walk along the water,its quite beautiful .There is lots to explore.
The village  is very quiet on Sunday mornings!!!!
Got some great shots of the flora and waterfront.The weather was just fabulous.
Came back around lunch and Gen was ready to move next door into her own apartment and so,
hired me as a mover!We packed all her stuff and she is now in the next building.
We set a dinner date tonight in her new place so I 'm baking cookies for dessert.(like a good mom!!!!)She calls me the "Cool Mom" 
Gen did the course with me in Montreal and we both ended up here.Super.
This afternoon we had a couple of wind and snow clouds coming thru.Like mini storms.
It seems to settle down at the end of the day.
The rest of the week will stay around 0 degree so we'll probably get snow then.
Reading Kevin Patterson's latest novel set in Rankin Inlet with the Inuits.Wonderful read.
Sure sounds like he's been there and done that!Lots of Inuktitut in the first 20 pages!
He knows more of the language than I.
I'm practicing with my oldest patients the best I can. (greetings,thank you and you're welcome)
The yougest generation speaks French/English /Inuktitut,the middle generation speaks English and Inuktitut,the Elders only converse in Inuktitut.I love the sound of it,even if I don't get any of it yet.

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