Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Everybody here owns an ATV .There is very few cars or truck.
In the evening,the whole village is buzzing with the noise of those 4 wheelers.
There's even some street racing at times.Or there is Mom with all the kids on it 
sometimes up to 5.They just go around and around.
On my walk last night by the river,I ran into a group of 6 boys (around 8-9 years old)
One of them had a riffle and they were trying to shoot some geese.The gun was almost taller
than the boy himself.I was a little worried and I told them to be very careful and not 
to point the gun to point the gun at each other.(or me for that  matter!!)

They wanted me to give them some "smoke".When I said that I didn't have any,they were 
quite surprise and asked me how come I didn't smoke.They had a hard time believing me.
It seems that most people here smoke and start at a very young age!!!
There is snow on the hills this morning ,it very pretty.And there is a new barge in the bay,
probably bringing supply.
I got to get ready for work...

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christine said...

Bonjour Dodo,

deuxième essai. je pense y arrivée un jour...c'est pas drôle de vieillir.
Je ne m'étais pas inscrite sur le site du blog. Maintenant c'est fait.
Bonne journée