Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday/cleaning day

Colder today!
First day off ,clean up of my room upstairs in the Transit.I had to do the
laundry at the Clinic so we don't run out of water at the house for the week-end.
The house is very close to the clinic (about a 100 feet)
Our water tanks are filled up by truck on monday (usually)and the sewer tank is also 
emptied by truck around the same time.
There is a little light to warn us inside the appartment if we get low on water.

Then it was grocery time.I walked down to the village at the Co-Op.
You can find just about anything but at a price.Also,sometimes the supply is very
low if the Cargo plane could not land because of weather.
No potatoes this week but I did find bananas on tuesday,so you make up your meal plan with
what you can find.
It's OK by me ,because I was told that it was very difficult to find anything and the nurses  have to order their grocery on line from Montreal or Val D'Or.
 The problem with that is 
that you might loose all your perishables if the plane doesn't make it on the same day!
I met one of the other nurse at the store and he gave me a ride back and we went for a couple hours walk in the tundra.
We found mini shriveled up bluberries and some ground cranberries very delish.
He called us the group of Seniors,because most of the staff is very young.
I took lots of pictures ,and I will try to send some on the blog.
The clinic looks quiet today.My friend Genevieve is on call for the next 24 hrs and so far so good.

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sophie@montréal said...

Allo Maman!
I've got Salluit weather on my computer now from MétéoMédia (along with Montréal and Vancouver). So I always know how cold it is for you out there! Je suis retournée au Salvation Army et j'ai trouvé une table de travail! On a aussi commencé à accrocher des choses sur les murs, j'ai hâte que tu reviennes pour te montrer. Je commence l'escrime demain, ça va être tous les lundis et mercredis soirs. Bon courage! xoxo