Friday, September 12, 2008

Internet in Salluit

Finally ,I got internet!!
I also just moved dowstairs in my own little appartment while the permanent nurse Diane is on holiday.I just put some jazz on and I am on my computer.
Upstairs,there is a three bedroom appartment shared by differents nurses.For this week,it was fun but it changes continually.
Salluit is a pretty little village on a bay .I think George says we can google earth it.I will send some pictures soon.
I am hired as Homecare Nurse for this stretch.Lots to do ,lots to learn.I have an interpreter  Taraq (at times some ) auxillary workers( at times) and a great team of social workers (Philippe and Annie)
Most of the Inuit staff at the hospital also speak English and French.
Nice people.
There is a midwife ,a dentist ,a doctor and 3 other nurses.
It is quite busy.And I'm still trying to figure out all the paperwork.
My patients are very sweet ,I have visited  most of them by now.
The weather is around 3 degree this days and it is raining pretty hard tonight .
I hope the week-end clears up so we can do some hiking around.


Christine said...

Yes!!! Un nouveau blogue pour le café du matin! J'adore ton titre!

louise said...

Tu a l'air a aimé ton travail!
C'est le fun! J'adore ta photo!
Take care mon amie.....