Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Art in Salluit

Somebody came to my door last night selling small little soap carving,his name is Malik,
I bought some of his work.
Then today, a well known carver from here Tivi Ilisituk  brought some of his work to sell to the
visiting Doctor,So I bought the last piece that she did not get because he said that he ran out of
soap stone.
So tonight the doctor Hanna and I  went to visit one of my arthritic patient Kinalik because she makes slipper
in seal fur.She only had 2 pairs and they were too big for me.But we got to take pictures of her and the little kid in
the house (to add to my collection!)
The weather is getting very cold tonight.I'm sure glad I brought my big jacket!!!!
We are all meeting for dinner at Annie's (social worker)I made my famous MARITIME CHOCOLATE CAKE!!
Sure to be a success!!

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Jason said...

Hello Dominik; I found your blog while looking for info on Tivi Ilisituk. I was in Salluit in 1989, and Tivi carved me a large soapstone carving of an inuit hunter spearing a seal. It's been the one thing that I have had forever and would never sell. I still have one friend there, Quppia Kaitak. It sure would be nice to see some more of Tivi's work. My experience up north in 1989 developed my love of the north and I am an engineer with Indian & Northern Affairs (Ottawa) and we work on (remediate) all the Federal sites north of 60 degrees. I am writing this email from Colomac Mine, NWT. Google it and you'll see where I am. Quite a place to celebrate ThanksGiving!

Jason Quinn
jasontquinn @ (remove spaces)