Thursday, December 30, 2010

Noël à Chicoutimi

Got to Bagotville with a little delay,not to bad .
And all my luggage got here with me.Yé.
As I was walking into the Airport (the size the Nanaimo one)
 Wondering if somebody would be there or
if I needed  a taxi, I saw 14 people in a line , with their Santa 's hat

All  there to pick me up.What a Merry Christmas!!
We had a little lunch at Christine's then we all went home.
Christmas Day itself was spent again at Christine
for the few of us that did not have in-laws to go to.
We had a fabulous Tea tasting Party followed by
a delicious meal.(naturally)
Boxing Day was the  Big get together,we were about 22.
We did an exchange of edible presents.
Fantastic fun.
Monday ,a day with Bruno.Lunch,bookstore
Café Cambio,dinner with the family.
Yesterday was lunch with Lucie and Denis,then afternoon
with Sophie and dinner with Sonia ,Sophie and Gaël at
the St-Hubert.
Today was Winter Games Day at Lucie's.
Beautiful sunny day and a ride in a sleigh.
Huge Turkey Dinner and Snow Pudding.
WHat a great Christmas Holiday !!!

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