Friday, February 5, 2010


Phil  decided that we had to see some Australians Movies to enriched our culture.
So he rented The Castle (Typical Australian Family) and The Dish (The Australian
dish that transmitted the image from the walk on the moon to earth )
We used the little movie theatre at the campground to view those two movies.
We also decided to order some pizza.Just  Fantastic !!
The girls got back from Perth last night and brought some champagne with them.
They also had  some hibiscus flowers in syrup that you put at the bottom of your
 glass and when  you pour the champagne over it,the bubbles make the flower
open up.How beautiful is that !!!! (like my new friend Sharon would say)
That  makes me want to sing the Tiny Bubbles Song.......
Makes me HAPPY !!!

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Sonia said...

what's the tiny bubbles song?