Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lake Caves

George and I took the day off to go visit some new beaches
and caves.
Surf Point Beach was hosting competition of Sail Surfing.
Quite spectacular !  So windy ! Those guys are crazy !
But super entertaining to watch.
We then went down the Coast for a tour of one of the caves.
There are quite a few in the region.It was hard to choose.
It was very impressive.Sooo beautiful....Also 300 steps down
and naturally 300 steps up.One of the american on the tour
did not look midway up.(I got a bit worry)
But he made it back safely.
We then visited a Karri Forest and stopped at a Brewery
for some beer battered fries and a cold one.
The guys were giving a speech at the Lions Club in the evening.
I stayed home and finished some of our leftover.Our trip is
quickly coming to a end.
See you all soon.


Christine said...

Wow, que de beauté! Ça donne le goût d'aller découvrir l'Australie. Je n'y connais vraiment pas grand chose, hormis ce que l'inspecteur Napoléon Bonaparte en dit…

Sonia said...

Moi aussi!

sophie@montréal said...

Wow, everything looks like pictures from postcards.