Friday, October 16, 2009

Water Truck

Because of the permafrost,the houses are build off the ground kind of on feet.
There is no outside pipes.
Between the walls of the 2 apartments where I live,there is 2 Tanks.
To fill and empty those thanks , there  are some trucks.
The water truck fills up from the river just down the street from here
and  comes around town filling up each houses with water.So needless to
say that we have to boil our waters .There is a little light that turns red inside the
apartment if we ran out of water (too bad so sad if it is a week-end)
When that happens you often have to wait for the regular water day !!!
There is also a sewer truck.Because there is another thank in the  wall that collects
all the dirty water,toilet water included.Pretty smelly job.(really really bad smell)
Like 10 times worse than emptying the holding tank on the boat !!!!
When that tank is full,there is also a little red light that turns on inside to tell you
not to use water or the bathroom. (Not so pleasant)

That really makes you want to conserve water.
So, there is no laundry allowed from friday til monday (because there is no trucks on the week-end )
Count yourselves lucky..........


Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc said...

How big are the tanks?

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Aaah! Don't know !
Ça prends bien ub ingénieur pour demander des
questions comme ça....