Sunday, October 18, 2009


When I go away,I always bring my Café  Press Mug and
my soooo delicious Columbien Dark Roast Coffee from Java Expression.
Best coffee on the Island.
Well,this morning ,I am enjoying the last two cups of my supply.(I am very sad)
Outside , wind gust of 70 to 80 km,that makes the house shake
and make rumbling noises.....
Good thing I am nice and warm inside.


sophie@montréal said...

Lâche pas maman! Il ne te reste qu'une semaine et on pourra aller chercher un bon café ensemble! xoxo

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Merci ma Toupie,
Tu as bien raison,mais j'ai trouvé du Starbuck au
Northern !!!!!