Wednesday, June 3, 2009


There is a little MALL in the middle of the village.
It has two little grocery stores a Bank and a post office.
The Elders  like to hang out there all day long at the picnic tables.
The grocerie stores have a lot of things (compare to Salluit)
Fresh fruits and fresh meat pretty much every day.(except for last friday,where
they ran out of almost everything ,even milk)
Lots of it quite affordable ,like mangoes,but watch out for Portobello mushroom,
about 4 dollars a piece.
My roommates are quite health food fanatics.One one them even brought most of her stuff.
Special seeds ,rice and tofu ect...
No banana cakes for her,I used white flour!!!
Anyway,for those people ,it is hard to get what they want.
For me ,I go to the store just about every day and eat whatever I find that day.
Which has been pretty good so far.
I haven't lost a pound yet......

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