Saturday, May 30, 2009

Long Point

What a great day!
Woke up to a sunshiny day.
Around 10 degree.
Dom and I decided to go out and find another adventure.
We got a ride with Stewart,a 65 year old Cree,who owns a cabin in Long Point,
about an hour by car,by gravel roads.Crossing the LG1 dam.
He took us with him for a great tour .
Stopped everywhere we wanted to.We took so many pictures that he said we looked 
like little chinese people with their cameras.
It was absolutely fabulous.
We got back around dinner time and got invited next door for a feast
in the church basement.
We then got a slideshow presentation of a guy from here who went to the North Pole.
All in all a great day!
What a life...


Mimi Roy said...

Nous sommes chanceuses hein....

Est-ce que George est encore en Afrique? Est-ce que tu vas toujours aller le retrouver quelque part dans le monde?

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Oui,George est en Angola.
On revient en même temps en juillet et oui on planifie de se rencontrer à l'automne au Portugal.......
C'est aussi vrai qu'on est chanceuse

sophie@montréal said...

Awww! Est-ce que c'est un cousin du porc-épic dans la photo? Il a l'air tout doux!