Monday, September 22, 2008

Trauma in the ER

Today started very nicely,with my first patient offering me
a taste of her bannik.Mmmmm! 
The weather got milder and the snow started melting a bit.
Around 4 o'clock somebody brought a 15 year old in the back
of his pick up truck.The kid had collided with his little dirt bike into
another pick up at full speed. No helmet.Not so good.
The great thing was 
that everybody was still at work.He got tranferred around 
6:20 pm and looks like he is gonna make it..He was quite concussed ,
and a huge  bump  on his forehead .One of his leg did not 
look so good.We were glad that nobody had gone home yet.
The clinic closes at 5 every day and there is a nurse on call for
the night until 9 in the morning.Looks like its gonna be a busy night,,,,,,,


Mireille said...

Comment longtemps tu es la?

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Je suis ici juqu'au 3 octobre.
Je retourne à Nanaimo le 6.
Si mon vol part du Nord le 3.
Dernièrement,on a eu beaucoup de jour
sans visibilité et sans vol!!!!