Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Evie is my oldest patient.(85)
She lives with her sister Laly (73)
I got a call yesterday morning that Evie fell the night before
and could not get out of bed this morning!
I sent the First Responders and my dear Evie injured her lower
back in a fall.So she was in a lot of pain.
There is no X-Ray at the clinic and the hospital in the other town 
PIVURNITUQ did not have any room to take our patient.

Our nursing station is only a clinic,not set up for hospital stay.
So another nurse and I went to the home to set up a hospital bed
in their living room with a commode and the interpreter found a grand daughter to help them overnight .
The doctor and I will go and check her out this morning.
Talk about home care!!!!!


Sonia said...

It'll be just like when Daddy hurt his back! Living in the living room :)
Guess what? I had coffee with William Fallon last weekend! He was home taking a short break before heading back to Montreal. and this weekend I'm going to see David play in Duncan with Cindy and Olivia, I'll make sure to give him a big hug from you!
miss you,

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Tu as raison Sonia,c'est comme avec papa!
Donne des gros bisous à David et Olivia pour moi.
Et c'est très cool que tu aies vu William.
J'ai bien hâte de te voir ma belle!

Maman XOXO