Monday, September 29, 2008

Crazy monday

Alright,the morning started with my interpreter who forgot to get up this morning.
I can't do my patient round alone because all my patients speak only Inuktitut.
So we got started around 10 am ,I had 4 people with blood work which I got to draw in each their houses then go back to the clinic,
then put it in the centrifuge then use the pipette to put in another tube and print the tags from the  computer (very slow computer)And pack them for transport.
My first patient was asleep ,so it was easy.I'll come back later.
But when I got to Kinisiassie she was still in bed,which
is very unusual for her and she was very short of breath and very distressed (look like CHF and
pneumonia combined)I call to the First Responder then I follow them to the clinic and the doctor decided to transfer her away.Poor thing.
Then I hear that one of my patient who had been in jailed in Montréal for a couple of weeks
was back at her sister's place had not taken her meds and was shitting all over!!!What a great call
in the morning!!!
The only good thing was that when I went to check on my little RA lady with pneumonia,
she was out shopping at the COOP.
My little Evie is now going up and down the stairs so we took her bed out of the living room.
What a day!
I hear from Taraq that new moon days are always a little crazy........


Christine said...

Je vois que ta vie est une suite ininterrompue de petits bonheurs et de
chocs douloureux!En tout cas, vos petites bouffes semblent très réussies et tout à fait conviviales. On a le goût de les partager.

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Les petites bouffes c'est super le fun.
Je crois que j'ai eu une journée de fou parce que j'avais très mal dormi la veille!!!
It can only get better.....

Mireille said...

Mimi aussi a une pneumonie depuis 3 semaines qu'elle n'est pas sortie de chez elle. Reviens vite me soigner... xoxoxo