Monday, February 20, 2012

New Orleans

I kind of neglected my blog lately,but I have to mention my trip to New Orleans before Christmas.

George was going to New Orleans for recurrent training and decided that we should
make it a  last minute  mini vacation.
So, after a  few shift swap with  Zoë( thanks again  soooo much,) ,we had enough day to make it worth our while.
What a wonderful out of the ordinary place.
We  both      enjoyed  taking in the sounds and craziness of Bourbon Street  at night and get totally
immersed in the New Orleans Cuisine .It was totally magical.
I just LOVED  the French Quarters, never got tired of it.
We stayed at a great hotel at the border of the French Quarters with view on the river.
Just idyllic.And so much fun!
Music and Food and a fewTequila shots   :)


sophie@montréal said...

yay! the blog is back! Ce sont vraiment de belles photos de New Orleans.

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Merci Sophie !