Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boat Turkey !!!

We sailed to Vancouver for Thanksgiving.
A little rough for me....
The wheather wasn't so good on Saturday morning.
Winds,waves and rain.
A little chewable gravol and a nap helped a lot.

So,in order  to fit the turkey in the boat oven,
George had to cut it in pieces......
(the oven is really tiny!!)
The turkey pieces were soaked in a brine ,
(George's new recipe book from the girls)
And it was absolutely delicious.
Sonia made roasted brussel sprouts (A recipe
 made famous by her cousin Alexandre)
And Edan brought beets and pumpkin pie .

Naturally there was the famous macaroni and
cheese,a tradition passed on by Granpa Jack!
All in all ,a great feast!
Sunday morning we had a late breakfast on
 deck with a brilliant sun.(it was unbelievably warm)

Sitting there beside Granville Island and sipping
our coffee on the boat, gave a fantastic spin to a delightful
Thanksgiving week-end.....

Sonia and I manage to fit a little shopping on
Granville Street in the afternoon (sooo fun)
and then we met George at OUISA .
A Louisianna style restaurant
near her appartment ,for a cajun meal.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
(And Sophie,we missed you so much X0X0)

PS:In Vancouver,on the  monday of  Thanksgiving,they have the  TURKEY TROT,a 10 Km run
      to raise money for the food bank (and help shed the extra turkey pounds)


Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc said...

Thanks to the Mom for the original idea. It's the only way she likes Brussels sprouts. :)

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

It was super Yammy !!!!!