Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My brother came for a visit this week !
What a treat !
We got to see Sonia (and Edan and Matt) in Vancouver .
Plus had breakfast Rendez-vous  with Ian.Great!
We then visited  friends of Bruno in Maple Ridge
where we spent the night.( Denis ,Jacqueline and
We made it to the Ferry in the rain.But the Sunshine
appeared as soon as we got close to the Island.
So we went on the Waterfront for ice cream....
And to check out the Candy Store downtown.
And visited Sarah and family at the Rondalyn
Camground that evening...

On thursday,while going to a Farm in South Willington we found tons of blackberries on the side of the beautiful country road....
Bruno was hard to pull away from the bounty......
We then had a beautiful breakfast...
The deers came for a visit in the afternoon in the
front yard.
The official photographer of the trip (Bruno)
took a few shots..
Then evening at the movie ,but we were too late for our first choice .
Oh Well ,such is life.

Julie ,Eric and Laurent dropped by our house for a quick vist
on their way to Horby Island. (they had just crossed Canada
                                                      by car.

Saturday ,under a brilliant sunshine ,we drove to Qualicum on our way to Tofino.
After a beautiful coffee break on the beach we drove thru Cathedral Grove and got
rained on the mountain pass.
Bruno got to drive my car all week on the excuse that he was my favorite brother.
Which he is since he is my only one,
After checking out Ucluelet and taking in some dinner at Delicados.
We got treated to a great sunset on our arrival to the condo.
I had to work on Sunday (8 til 8) at the ho
spital while Bruno explored
Tofino in the sun.
We enjoyed some fabulous sushi after work and finally met Crazy Ron.
Back in time on monday to enjoy a lunch with Julie,Eric and Laurent in Nanaimo.
Then up in time on tuesday to drop Bruno at the float plane and drive to Tofino for
a nap and the night shift.....
Lucky me !!!


Kleddo3 said...
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Kleddo3 said...

Wow, what a well told story ! It takes me proud to be your favorite brother and gives me desire to do it again as soon as I can ! Thank you for so much a good receiving during this splendid week !