Monday, May 3, 2010

Dans un Jardin.....

Sunday was mom and daughter day.
We went to feast our eyes at the Public Market.
We shopped for some herbs for our planter  and
looked at a million beautiful flowers.
We ended up buying a peach color begonia for indoor.
It was warm and muggy (already !!!) around 25 degree.
We sat in the mini backyard repotting and planting.
Garlic Roasted chicken for dinner with Leah and Vincent
and a good  french canadian movie to finish the evening.
Lets not forget the famous Crème Brulée au Chocolat
et Fraises that Sophie whipped up after dinner.

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Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc said...

C'est une photo de la crème brulée qu'on veut! Pas de l'arrosoir! ;-D