Saturday, January 9, 2010

Girls Day Outing

Yesterday we did a girlsday outing.
Sharon ,Jenny and Pia (baby) took
me with them to tour Margaret River
wineries and Galleries.
We started at 10 to do wine tasting.!!!!!
What a life!
We also stopped for coffee and decadent
More wineries ,a brewery and the famous
Chocolate Factory......
Those ladies are so much fun that I felt
like I was with  sisters...
They are both going back to Perth this morning
but coming back later in the month.
The funny part is that they are both NURSES

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DonnaLou said...

That sounds like a pretty wonderful day! Glad to hear you are enjoying the sun, the surf, the wine, the chocolate, the new nurse friends. It's not sunny here today. It's a bit gray. This is a good book-reading day, or maybe a drive-to-Duncan day. Hope George is being Very Careful!