Monday, January 18, 2010

Busselton Festival

This past week-end was the Busselton Festival in town.
We live about 5 km from the little town .
In the morning,I went to the base to have breakfast on the
BARBIE with the guys.Delicious ! Their BBQ are more like
a giant hot plate.(easier for eggs and hashbrowns)
Then I rode to town to see some of the shows on the waterfront.
It felt like Canada Day on the waterfront in Nanaimo.
Acrobate,folk singers,belly dancers ect...
Fun afternoon.


sophie@montréal said...

Wow! We don't have flying acrobats like that in Nanaimo though...

Christine said...

C'est super beau la danseuse, cordelisiste, qui vole dans les airs!