Monday, November 30, 2009

Estoril Portugal

George and I landed in Lisbon last night where a taxi was waiting for us to take us to our hotel
in Estoril.
We are right accross the CASINO.!!!!!!
Made famous by the movie Casino Royale (James Bond).
We found a cute little restaurant for a late dinner and then we crashed for the night.
George is going for his interview this morning and for the next 3 days.
I tease him because today is suppose to be the PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST .
(and I am wondering if it is in Portugese ??????)
I am gonna go explore the city .
I am a couple blocks from the beach and I hear it is a famous beach for surfing !!!
It is on and off rain and about 16 degree.


sophie@montréal said...

I'll ask my roommates about psychological tests (Émilie étudie en Psycho, et elle a fait passer un test à Amélie). Good luck Daddy! I'm sure he could do it even if it was in Portugese! As long as they understand a bit of Spanish, French and Italian... hehe.

Mimi Roy said...

So demenagez vous au Portugal ou quoi....?

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Maybe baby Mimi

Janet said...

Hello Dominique
I'm so excited to be able to access your blog & follow your journey.
What's the time difference ? Have you adjusted from the jetlag ?
So today is the beginning of the process for George. When will he know if they are going to offer him the position, before you return home ?
Does he get at all anxious about interviews, especially ones that last 3 days ?
Look forward to your next update.
Are you learning any Portugese ?

Mimi Roy said...

c'est le temps que tu m'envois un update...

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...


Papa a bien ritquand je lui ai dit ce que tu as ecris!!!!

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Dear Janet,

We are 8 hours ahead here.
George is super nervous and we have not slept so well in the past few days.
He has to make a decision on the spot before the end of the day.
I will let you know.

Sonia said...

You should go surfing in Portugal! Imagine how cool you would be to everyone back in Tofino ;)

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...


There is some magnificent beaches for surfing all along the Coast.