Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kayak and Cariboo

When Vanessa and I left for our walk yesterday,one of the doctor was needing help
to bring his kayak in the water.After helping him I made him give me an ETA,so I would
know when to start worrying.Well,I worried all day anyway (I find that it is just a little too
cold for this kind of sport.He came back a little cold at the end of the day,at the same
time at the BOYS (3 nurses)who went hunting this morning with their ATV at 5 in the
morning and caught a Cariboo....

I think we'll have some good steak very soon....

We also took  Hans's dog with us.


Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc said...

WOW! That's a lot of meat!
I like how they just put it, "flop", on the table. :-)

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Tu as raison mon garçon.
That's a lot of meat.

Le reste de la bête est sur un plastique sur le plancher
et la table de cuisine a été mise dans le salon entre le divan et la Télé parce que c'était la joute de Hockey!!!!
I tought that was worth the picture!!