Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Snow

It rained all week.Not too cold.(around 7 degree)
This morning the ground is all white.
The temperature is  0 . Our first snow.
I am so glad that I picked my cranberries yesterday (they are the size of  Tic Tacs!! and right on the ground
like wild strawberries.)
Last night we had Cariboo next door  at Sebastien 's.
His Cree girlfriend Sabina is visiting from Chibougamau
for a couple of weeks.She the one who cooked the Cariboo.
She cuts it in thin strips,
roll them in some flour and fry them in oil and butter.It was absolutely delicious.
She says it's the way her mom cooks it.
Tonight ,it's Thanksgiving dinner at my place.(That's why I went to pick my berries yesterday)
I think there will be a dozen people.Should be fun!
(Even if tomorrow ,it's back to work as usual )No long week-end for us.


sophie@montréal said...

Mmmm! Cariboo! Guess what Mommy? I finally found a recipe to use the condensed milk in. It's a cookie recipe that needs no eggs or milk! They're called Alabama Fudge Pecan Chewies (but I didn't use pecans, I just put coconut in them). I was thinking it's a recipe you could try, if condensed milk is easier to find up North than eggs... I'll e-mail you the recipe. Have a good turkey dinner!

Christine said...

Je viens d'inviter Sophie pour souper! Ici aussi ça sent la dinde, et c'est Gaël qui fera les Yorkshire pouding.
Bon souper d'Action de grâce!

Christine said...

Premiers flocons ici aussi, ce matin!

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Allô Toupie,

Je ne sais pas si il y a du Condensed Milk,mais il y a
du lait de longue conservation et du Evaporated Milk.
The fudge sounds very good !!! Merci Sophie.