Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cranberries and Jellyfish

I went for an little exploration around the village,trying to find better view points
for pictures.I found litlle mini cranberries .I didn't have any countainer so I used my gloves.
(I had to wash them after because some of the little fruits got stuck in some of the fingers.)
Beautifull sunny day,very windy again,around 7 degree.

I came back by the beach and while I was taking pictures of jellyfish,I sank in the mud !!!
(Another thing for the wash !)
Mom said that she freeze the cranberries and eat them frozen with some honey on top.
I had a few of mine with can peaches,and last time,in Salluit I put some in my jello.

I've got to collect more for Thanksgiving next week-end......

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