Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last working day in Chisasibi

Busy busy day
Tidying up loose end .
Passing the flag to  Community Health for the summer.
Charting  all immunisation in the hospital records.
It went really fast.
Later Jane ,my boss ,pleaded her
case again to convince me to come back and  she took me out
to the local "restaurant" for  POUTINE  !!!!!!
Super cold today,about 6 degree.
You can never tell from one day to another.
The new girls are both from Montréal and did not
bring any warm clothes .They can't believe how cold it is today.
(we still have the Christmas tree in the living room !!!)


Mimi Roy said...

So es tu rendue a Montreal? Marc va etre la samedi pour une semaine chez sa soeur a Pointe aux Trembles et sera a Petit Rocher vers le 10 pour quelques semaines.

Have fun

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

Allô Mimi,

George et moi on est à jusqu'au 2 juillet.
J'ai mon cell et il fonctionne .