Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baie James

Our dear friend Dom (the other one)
Decided that we should walk to the Bay.
About 15 km each way.
Super windy and snowy today at  0 degree.
We actually stopped a truck to ask  for a ride .
The man was from Miramichi New Brunswick, here to manage the grocery store for the 
next three months.He was out for a Sunday Drive and took us around all over the place.
That was just great.
We found a pond with a whole bunch of geese so we got out of the truck to take pictures,
After a while ,when we realized that they weren't very scared of us  it was a little bit fishy.
They were all decoy !!!!!! 
We  had already taken tons of photos.....Quite funny.
We all came home and had a taste of Dom's Kefir Cheese (homemade) its like a soft goat cheese .
Dom the other nurse brought some of the cheese culture with him and make some cheese almost every day.
What a treat !.
Somebody in the village told us that the priests use to grow chives around the Mission.
So we went to hunt for it and found lots of it , about two inches high. Nice surprise under the snow.....

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