Monday, May 18, 2009

Baie James

Day One of my new life for the next 5 weeks.
I flew from Montréal and did the milk run to Chisasibi in the Baie James Area.
I will be the school nurse for the Cree Nation , a combined  Elementary and High School.
I think I've got about a thousand students,I will get the Grand Tour tomorrow.
There hasn't been a school nurse for a year.The vice principal was thinking that
I was there to stay.......
Anyway,it is the end of Goose Break,so the town is quiet and the school  is empty.
I got a quick tour of the town with the Social Worker who will be my boss...
It is much bigger than Salluit.And there is a road to get out of town.
My boss Jane took me to the restaurant in town for lunch.Imagine,there is a restaurant !!!!
I will be walking everywhere.No car.So I can get in shape.!!!!
For the moment ,I live in  a Transit with 3 other persons.
We each have a little room with a desk and a mini TV  and a sink !!!
Sounds like George's accommodation in Africa !!!
Rain rain rain and cold cold cold and super windy.It's about 3 degree.
I don't think that I'll see any mosquitos anytime soon.(George was worried)


sophie@montréal said...

Je pense que ta chambre est plus grande que celle que Christian va avoir en résendences en tout cas!

La ma tante préférée de l'autre said...

C'est vraiment comme une petite chambre d'hôtel.
J'ai un petit lavabo et une petite TV,un lit double ,une commode ,un bureau et un "desk".
C'est vraiment tout dont j'ai besoin!!!
En plus il y a une femme de ménage qui vient tous les jours et elle change nos serviettes et nos draps tous les vendredis!!
C'est la belle vie!