Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aurora Borealis

At lunch time today,there was a presentation in the basement of the catholic church next door by a 
local photographer who specialized in taking pictures of Northern Lights.
I bought a few post cards and a couple of his photos.
I also got myself a mug  with one of his picture on it,for my school coffee instead of using a Styrofoam cup every day. Quite beautiful!
He was presenting a slide show for a group of High School student visiting the area from Montréal.
They were here 3 days and they left tonight for Radisson, site of the Big Hydro Dam (about an hour by car)
I used to work there in one of my first job as a nurse. Like Sophie told me,I am going full circle !!!!!
The bus driver stayed at the Transit with us and told me that he will be a dispatcher in Vancouver for the 
Olympics next year We exchanged phone #.A retired school principal and a very interesting person.
He was getting bored after 4 months of retirement and met a old student of his ,who owns a bus company,
and the rest was history... He's  travelling  the country and loves it.Cool!

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